Following on from the many glowing reviews received by both customers and hifi press for the SLiC Innovations Eclips C Interconnect, the engineers at SLiC have been quietly working on a variety of projects, the latest being a mains power cable. 

The SLiC cable design does away with the usual porblems/issues associated with standard cable configurations, in particular crosstalk, the SLiC mains will do for your system what the interconnect already does. Allowing you to hear more of what is in your favourite recordings, yes one step closer to having musicians in your music room. MCRU believe the mains is the most important part of any hi-fi or home entertainment system, we are confident the SLiC mains cable solution will bring your enjoyment of recorded music to a level you never thought possible from a simple piece of wire!

The SLiC Innovations Eclipse M power lead wil be available in time for the Sound + Vision show Bristol.