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Thanks David I have installed the wall socket and plugged the the silver plated mains block in first to see what difference each stage makes  “I have just entered orbit” heart is pumping pulse is racing I am astounded!

Melodious Ecstasy.

Mr. S. LUCAS | MARCH 2012

Just a note to let you know how I’m getting on with my cables.

To say that I’m pleased would be the understatement of the year;  well worth the wait. I was expecting some improvement but I have to say that it’s transformed what I hitherto have considered a fairly good system into an extremely good one. What am I experiencing?
My listening room sounds much larger, a vastly improved soundstage with huge headroom, several veils removed from the speakers revealing more detail than I could have hoped for, more space around everything, particularly singers being separate from any accompaniment, more subtlety and sweetness .  In two words – more musical.  One of the amazing things is piano reproduction – weight and all the overtones sound as clear as a bell. Also, stress free performance of the largest orchestral classical pieces. One further attribute of your products is the absolutely silent background – inky black in the pauses in the music.

Thanks again and, who knows, I may be coming to you for even more of the same in future.   (I very much appreciated the special IEC connector – never seen one like that before but it certainly does the job).  
You have made an old man very happy (70 this year)!


I’ve been astounded with the sound improvement that this unassuming mains block has produced. There is just more space around individual sounds adding more depth and a stunning realism. There is obviously a great deal of skill involved in production, and the improvements are something you would expect from products at more than double the cost. I’m so glad I discovered this great company, and will definitely purchase again. Wholeheartedly recommended.

MR.W.SMITH | FEB. 2012

I am a ‘believer’ in the effects of cables but this is my first exposure to the huge benefits brought about by using custom mains cables and conditioners. 

The difference was astounding and I only introduced a DC blocker/conditioner together with a 4-way distribution socket. Greater clarity, more ‘space’ between instruments and voices. And LOUDER too. Fantastic improvements. These are not small changes. It was like doubling the price of the electronics for just over one tenth of the original outlay on the new cables. Try these cables. You will be glad you did.

David Brook is helpful and enthusiastic about his subject.

MR. D.SOBEY | OCT. 2011 

Thank you very much for the Ultimate speaker cables, they are bedding in nicely now. Found an HDCD version of Tubular Bells and you could swear that Viv Stanshall is sitting in the corner of the room as he introduces each instrument and when the bells toll!!!!!!!!!!! even the furniture vibrates.

First class product with first class service.

MR. S. GIBB | FEB 2012

Thank you for making up and dispatching my Black Rhodium Super Jazz Mains Cable’s with my Power Supply before you went on holiday. The help and service you have provided has been absolutely astonishing.
Upgrading my mains supply has made an amazing difference. I cant think of any other upgrade that could possibly achieve
such an overall improvement. It has taken my system to a level that has far exceeded what I ever imagined possible and find it incomprehensible, but the result is truly staggering! 
Melodious Ecstasy.
Squeezebox Touch Regulated Linear Power Supply, Upgraded with Pure Silver DC Cabling, Isoclean Gold Plated Fuse,Furutech FI-03 Gold Inlet, Audio Asylum Mains Power Cord.Sky HD Box Mains Power
Lead, Fully Silver Plated Mains Extension Block 6 Gang
Furutech FP-1363S Gold UK Wall Socket, Black Rhodium Super Jazz Mains Cable’s.


SB Touch Power Supply. I can’t recommend this upgrade highly enough. It’s revealed a HUGE amount of detail in music – it’s like it’s suddenly come alive. I was pretty happy with the sound of the SB Touch before the upgrade but this takes it to whole new level. I went for the totally pimped out version, and I have to admit to some trepidation at spending twice what the Touch originally cost me just to power it. But any doubts quickly vanished when I plugged it all up and listened – the effect these two boxes have had on the sound the Touch produces is simply jaw-dropping. It’s been a revelation; like being in the studio listening to the performances. And worth every penny for the pleasure I’m getting re-discovering my music collection.


I have now received the power supply from you and first impressions are very good. Radiohead’s “Exit Music” is a track I often use when auditioning components as it has a lot of space around Thom York’s vocal at the beginning of the track but becomes very complex and can sound muddled. It has always sounded very good through my CD DAC combination (Cyrus cd8x and DAC-XP), but the squeezebox, while enjoyable, used to sound a little flat in comparison. Your power supply seems to have remedied this and the squeezebox is now much much clearer and compares very well to the CD player. Playing The Eagles Hotel California in 24/96 (from HD Tracks) is an even better experience. I have this album on vinyl and it has always sounded better than the 24/96 download. I’m not sure I can say that anymore. The download sounds much more focused than it has on previous occasions. Is it better than the vinyl? Well, that’s a difficult one. Let’s just say I won’t be so tempted to dig out the the black disc in future.
Of course, this could all be down to confirmation bias on my part (we Hi-Fi people do like to justify our purchases) but I’m inclined to think not. Especially as I heard some things on the Eagles album that I’d never heard before (and I’ve owned it on vinyl since it was first released).
Now excuse me while I go off and crank up Nirvana’s Nevermind. Oh, and thanks for a very nicely engineered product.
The package has arrived and it is perfect. Hi Fi choice were spot on with their recommendation. I have it attached to my Squeezbox Touch in conjunction with the new NAD M 51DAC and the difference in night and day with your power supply. I just wished more companies like yours shipped to Australia as you guys have the best kit. 

26 June 2012: I thought I would go into some detail in reviewing David Brooks’ “Cables r us” website based company. The motivation behind the detail is that a simple 2 line comment would not justify what this customer focused gentleman rightly deserves. When I contacted David initially, I did so with some scepticism and caution as we all know there are a lot of “less than worthy” companies out there all willing to take your money and return little beyond what it says on the tin (if that on occasions). It didn’t take me long to suspect that this company is quite unique, in that David Brook really is sincere about getting it right for you while forfeiting the profit based sales philosophy of most traders out there. As an example, David sent me several different examples of his cables and with no pressure to return them until I was certain upon which product was right for me. Even then, there was never any pressure to bear from the selling aspect and from start to finish this man really does care about the products he provides and moreover; selecting the one which is right for your specific requirements. If he thinks a lower budget item will perform for you within your system while giving you benefits sought; then he will tell you straight and conversely is the case. I did end up going for the higher end of the spectrum but that’s because I heard the difference it made to my system and I was prepared to pay for it. That said, spending some money on power supply cables has saved me a small fortune because I was considering a full replacement of my Bi-amped arrangement and that is no longer necessary. For me, the icing on the cake is the sincere dedication, brutal honesty, unwavering patience, fairness and a clear sense that you really are dealing with a person who’s passion is to achieve a happy customer/product interface…and that’s why I will return to David should I wish to purchase anything else or simply need some honest advice.

26 July 2012: Since my original review, which expressed my initial impressions of the Ultimate mains cable, I felt it relevant to add some comments; and now that there has been a 4 week period of run in time. Where upon initially installing the cables into my system (2X MF A5CR power amps, A5CR pre-amp, Shenling 1000SE CD & Icon Audio PS3 Phono stage, B&W 803D’s)  there was a definite tightening of the base response and an opening up of the mid to top end. At first I thought it could be a matter of my imagination and my own expectancy and enthusiasm for what was and expensive financial outlay. Over the last 4 weeks, I have not noticed any immediate changes or improvements in the qualities the cables brought to my system…wait for it…..that’s right up to the point I experimented and temporarily replaced them with the original manufacturer’s cables. The issue here, is that the burning period is a gradual process of subtle and delicate increments of change that are not immediately apparent to our relatively slow ears and brains. Upon replacing the Ultimate cables with the originals, it was clear that I had not detected the slow process of improvement to my system. Base response in comparison is tight but also has an added delicacy of the richness one might have to spend a lot of money in power amp purchases in order to achieve. In essence, these cables allow your system to express itself to its full potential. Any effect upon the mid to top end are less noticeable, however the more disciplined base response does allow the mid to top end ranges reveal themselves with far more separation and thus apparent clarity and definition. The base is definitely the most benefitted area of my system and the added timbre and reality makes the purchase a very economical addition to the set up. The other very clear improvement is the insulation these cables provide in shielding speaker and interconnect cables from the dirty airborne radiations emitted from power cables. I tried placing an original manufacturer power cable across a speaker cable and interconnect, the hum hiss is noticeable. Do it with an Ultimate power cable and it’s significantly reduced. Consider the mess of cables most people have behind their systems and the benefits should make immediate sense, it did and does to me. A great purchase and has converted me from sceptic to avid believer. I would certainly recommend this product and moreover I’d strongly recommend David Brooks company to anyone considering such a purchase and for those reasons stated in my original review. Well done David!


Message: Hi David

Just wanted to say a few words about my recent order of a 2m Stereo Pair of Black Rhodium Jive Speaker Cable. I rang the order through last week and I am delighted that it arrived so promptly. As I opened up the cable I admired the excellent work you have done in Terminating the cables with z-plugs. After a quick listen to my tired old speaker cables (for reference) I quickly replaced them with the Jive. Since then I have been speechlessly listening to the wonderfully revealing and fresh sound of the Jive cables. You have done an outstanding job and the free burn in period has clearly done its job too. I am one very happy customer.

Thank you very much for your superb service.

Richard Salter | AUG 2012