If you have ever wondered how the digital data on a CD, MP3, WAV or FLAC file becomes sound, the answer is that a Digital to Analogue converter (DAC) works its magic, transforming digital data into an analogue audio system. Any digital device that you use to listen to music features a DAC, whether it be your mobile phone, laptop, television or digital music player, however, these DAC are generally low quality, preventing you from getting the full picture of your music. This is where a product like the PS Audio DirectStream DAC comes in.

When you listen to music on your phone or computer, the built-in DAC is designed just to allow you to play your digital files, rather than allowing them to sound their best. Cheap DACs don’t always transform digital data into analogue with a consistent timing sequence, so this can be heard during playback as ‘jitters’. Simply put, your music doesn’t sound as good as it should, taking away from your enjoyment.

As a high-end exterior DAC, PS Audio’s DirectStream DAC avoids clocking errors and keeps your music free of jitters. Traditionally, the source of music has had a considerable impact on the overall sound quality achieved by DACs. For example, computers or CD players can have a significant effect on sound. With DirectStream, an unbelievable sound can be achieved even through a cheap output source.

Of course, sources, cables and other HiFi equipment still make a different, but ‘jitters’ are reduced to almost nothing. The tonality, texture and warmth achieved by DirectStream is unmatched by other similarly priced DACs.

DirectStream DAC

How PS Audio’s DirectStream DAC stays new

Other than the ability to bring the very best out of your digital music collection, one of the biggest selling points of DirectStream DACs is that unlike other players, it stays up to date. Its electronics are software based as opposed to hardware, so every time PS Audio updates their software, you get a new DAC. Whilst the hardware may be a few years old, there’s a good chance that a DirectStream DAC is still more up to date than other much more recently manufactured DACs.

Even better news is that software upgrades are available free of charge! As soon as a new update is available, it can be transferred into an SD card and inserted into the back of the DAC. Within a few short minutes, your DirectStream is completely up to date, so your music playback keeps on getting better.

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