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WBT-0210Cu RCA Sockets, Set of 2


These RCA sockets (for amplifiers, CD players, etc.) feature WBT’s nextgen™ technology. Both positive and negative connection contacts are of oxygen-free copper, plated with 24k gold to prevent oxidation.


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WBT has continued to produce connectors specifically for the high-end audio industry over the last 20+ years. The product line has expanded from the first RCA type plug to include male and female RCA type connectors, binding posts, banana plugs and spade lugs with functionally unique features that truly elevate them to the top. WBT products are very popular with audio cable and equipment manufacturers worldwide and can be found as standard equipment on many well respected brands.

The WBT range of audio connectors are well proven to offer superb sound quality when connected to even the most basic cables; step up the cable quality and the results can be astounding.

Available from Mains Cables R Us is the WBT-0210Cu RCA socket (featuring the nextgen™ RCA Signature socket), intended for chassis mounting. nextgen™ is a new generation of connectors from WBT that enhances contact and improves signal flow providing more fine detail. (More information on nextgen™ technology and awards.)

WBT believes the 0210Cu is the highest quality design of socket available on the market, and features oxygen-free copper that is finely 24k gold-plated to enhance signal transfer and provide protection from oxidation. The positive contact utilises a new tulip shaped spring loaded design to assure a secure connection. Air used as a dielectric surrounds the positive contact. The main body is comprised of 30% glass reinforced Ultramid® with the ground (negative) contact embedded within the connector.

75-ohm characteristic impedance means that these sockets not only transmit superb analogue signals but also outstanding digital audio and video signals. The transmission bandwidth is 1 GHz.

The contact elements of the connector are made of high-purity copper, one of the best electrical conductors, in order to ensure optimum signal transmission. The metal is gold-plated (nickel-free) so that the surface does not oxidise and impair contact quality.

The inner contact is an active spring contact. The newly developed three-segment tulip contact is pressed onto the central pin of the RCA plug by a surrounding double-bronze spring ring. Not only does this ensure reliable contact with non-standardised RCA plugs, but contact also remains reliable even after the plug has been connected and disconnected many times over.

The outer contact is in the shape of a double wave, which encompasses the socket element made of robust Ultramid*. This wave shape guarantees reliable contact with any RCA plug. In addition, the reduction in the amount of conductor material to the absolute minimum prevents the creation of eddy currents, enabling the WBT-0210 to transmit signals that are totally free of distortion. (Eddy currents occur in metal components near to which alternating current flows. These currents can result in major signal distortions.)

Mounting insulators are supplied and ensure not only insulated but also twist-proof mounting and polarity identification. Counter nuts and double step washers with lug are also supplied.


You can find out more on the WBT range of products by visiting their web site here.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you find a product you want that we don’t have listed.


Characteristic impedance (typ.):

75 ohms

Connection technology (inside):

soldering (see WBT silver solder)


12 mm dia. (also see data sheet)


available in 9 colours


Download: data sheet | press reports | instruction manual


*Ultramid is a registered trademark of BASF.

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