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Townshend Audio Seismic Speaker Bars

From: £999.00

The hidden secret of the hi-fi industry, your floorstanding loudspeakers will thank you for it!

Please feel free to look at the UK earthquakes taking place right now here.

We are using these ourselves, they are astonishingly effective. A review is here.

Jason Kennedy review in HiFi+ magazine here



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Dear Max,

I have just taken delivery of the seismc bars you sent for use with my Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand speakers.
I have previously had an issue with suspended wooden floors causing a bass bloom.  I had resorted to putting the spikes into Philips crosshead scews, which penetrated the carpet, underlay and into the floor boards.  Unfortunately this left a noticeable bass overhang, which  also  boomed at particular frequencies.  Successive source, amplification and cable upgrades have helped, but never quite removed the problem.
From the moment I put the seismic bars in place the whole sound has been transformed.  Not just the bass, which is strong and powerful, but a distinct improvement right the way through the frequency range.  Voices and instruments now have a clearer and more natural presentation, all locked in place in a very stable, almost holographic, sound stage.
The change in the mid and high frequencies was far greater than expected.  I’m now rediscovering many favourites, and hearing details that I didn’t now were there.
I should have bought these years ago.
Kindest regards,
Steve Crowe

Seismic Isolation Bars for Speakers and Sub-woofers

    • Produce a wider and deeper sound stage.
    • Enhance clarity throughout the whole frequency range.
    • Improve bass definition.
    • Eliminate structure-borne feedback between the speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.
    • Allow for neighbour friendly high level listening.
    • Eliminate irritating boom caused by coupling through the floor to adjacent rooms.

Seismic Isolation Bars are designed to break the acoustic connection between the speakers and the floor, thus preventing the passage of unwanted vibration between the two. Used in pairs under any speaker, be it floor standing, stand-mounted or sub-woofers. 

Because of the very compliant nature of the Seismic Load Cells™, the speakers effectively float in the room at frequencies above 3 Hz. Each bar comprises a very strong steel cross-piece with raised ends under which are attached two Seismic Load Cells™. 

When installed you experience The Townshend Effect! The sound improves dramatically, with wider stage width and greater depth and the sound becomes independent of the speakers. Bass becomes tighter and more real, with thuddy boom greatly reduced. A major plus is that the sound of the speakers is no longer transmitted through the structure of the building with the same intensity so your neighbours will probably not hear your music! 

Conventional so-called rigid supports (spikes or cones) aim to hold the speaker cabinet ‘still’ at audio frequencies. However there will be coupling between the speaker and the floor and myriad resonance set up by the mass of the cabinet reacting with the unavoidable springiness of the floor, which can cause vibration of the building structure in the audio band.

Rigid coupling also transmits ground-borne vibration into the speaker cabinet and thence to the speaker driver baskets where it is superimposed onto your music. 

By using Seismic Isolation Bars you will be able to enjoy your music at its natural volume level, – as if you were listening to a live performance – without annoying the neighbours! 

To install, first remove any spikes or cones from your speakers and slip one bar under the front of the speaker. Then tilt the speaker forward and slide the second bar under the rear. Very small adjustments allow for setting the speakers vertical. Even though the speakers are floating, it takes a very big push to topple them.

The bars come in 2 widths, SMALL (Size 1) which adjust from 264mm to 415mm wide. LARGE (Size 2) which adjust from 420mm to 724mm wide.

So when ordering please measure the width and weight of your speakers and order to suit. The weights quoted are for 1 speaker.

Size 1 to suit 0.5kg – 30kg speakers £999 per set of 4 bars

Size 1 to suit 30kg-254kg speakers £1099 per set of 4 bars

Size 2 to suit 4kg-28kg speakers £1199 per set of 4 bars

Size 2 to suit 28kg-252kg speakers £1299 per set of 4 bars

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