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Tellurium Q Ultra Black RCA Interconnect

From: £390.00

  • First RCA Interconnect to use the TeCu connector
  • Sold as a one metre stereo pair
  • Longer lengths available to order



The first Tellurium Q RCA Interconnect to use the brand new TeCu connector. Matched with the Ultra Black speaker cables, this is the perfect combination for any HiFi system.

Sold as a one metre stereo pair. Longer lengths can be supplied to order. If you require a shorter length than 1 metre, please note that the price will remain the same. These cables have the new design of the Tellurium Q copper RCA connectors fitted.

Read more about the Tellurium Q Ultra Black RCA Interconnect here on the Tellurium Q website


“The first impression I had of the UB (Ultra Black) was how strong and focused the central focus was, how projected the vocals were and how clean the midrange was as a whole.

Bass notes are very full, a tad dry and with a great amount of weight. Bass extension rolls out separately to the punch, a beat can be heard and before you think “is that it” all of a sudden a rolling wave of extension spreads out across the room.

Top end is a little more relaxed than a lot of cables I’ve heard, it’s all there but the mids dominate a little more and there isn’t a complete evenness or balance from the treble through to the upper mids. The cables render vocals strongly and there isn’t that upper-mid treble harshness or glare that a lot of cables suffer from. It’s a very different presentation and my ears took a little while to get used to the sound as it’s so different to the Oriton Orange Symphonies that I use on a day to day basis (which have a far more relaxed midrange) but the UB really showed off some amazing details in the centre stage and completely placed the performance in front of the listener without an artificial spread or unnatural interpretation of the performance.”

Read the full review on HiFiPig


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