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Tellurium Q System Enhancement CD


  • 3 tracks to revive your system
  • Restore new life into your system with the burn in track
  • Take your system through a full workout of frequencies

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The Tellurium Q System Enhancement CD provides a well deserved new lease of life to your system. This recording stretches the muscles of your system, reviving certain components that may have got into a ‘rut’, having been used within a limited range.

The Tellurium Q System Enhancement CD efficiently exercises different components using three tracks. The first track tests the drive of your speakers and ensures all cables are correctly connected. Following this is the second track that is the main burn in track. The final exercise is the third track, which has been designed to inject a little life back into your system.

Read more about the Tellurium Q System Enhancement CD here on the Tellurium Q website


“Tellurium Q have also just have released their first CD. But it´s not music as you know it, it´s a Burn-in-CD with three tracks, meaning to give your HiFi system a good work out. And does it work (out)? You bet it does. Not only me, but also some of my HiFi buddies where very, very impressed with what happened. The tracks are mostly sounding like some quite New Age music playing, and are giving your stereo some real exercise. It takes about an hour to play track 2 which is the main track for burning in. Track 3 is for the weekly exercise, and takes approx. 10 minutes. And track 1 is a simple (but useful) test for identifying your left and right speaker (and cabling off course). So while you have to walk the dog (or wife, or both) anyway, you can put the disc on repeat while you are out. And I promise you, you definitely think you got your ears cleaned when you come back. And the CD also works wonders in a computer system. It seems as just every component in the HiFi system favours of this exercise. The sound is absolutely more open and flows just more easy all the way from the source to the speakers. Weird, but true. And as the “Cable and System Preparation / Refresh” CD is just ideal for burning in cables, we really, really recommend you to spend the 20 English Pounds extra while shopping for cables.”

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