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Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables

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A very high quality product. Not cheap but then this kind of thing never is.The sound quality is pretty much what I expected – they just take care of this part of the system. One thing though , they’re bigger than they look in the picture but still manageable. Delighted. Mr Steve Blake NOV 15

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Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables are of revolutionary quality. These are the cables they deemed impossible to make.

The Silver Diamond Speaker Cable present improvement to the Black Diamond Speaker Cable – Tellurium Q’s highest award winning cable last year.

The best description of the cable directly from Tellurium Q’s website – “Perhaps an analogy would be to talk about the Black Diamond as HD image quality whereas the Silver Diamond gives you 4K Ultra HD quality with 3D effortlessly thrown in for good measure.”

Here at MCRU, we are yet to receive a Tellurium Q cable returned to us.  Mains Cables R Us is an authorised stockist of Tellurium Q cables, and we keep their full cable range. We have demonstration sets that we can send out for evaluation, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

We use these cables in our own system, so we know just how good they are; and there is a 30 day money-back guarantee offered on everything we sell, providing total peace of mind.

Read more about the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables here on the Tellurium Q website


“I have heard these cables, as well as running MCRU I am passionate about music and especially vinyl. I have 2 systems at work which is our showroom, and another hifi system at home. I was told when the silver diamond cables were sent to me I had to audition them with a top end system. I used my clearaudio master innovation with tangential arm and stradivari cartridge into a music first audio step up transformer feeding the new mf audio ref. mm phono amplifer. This then goes into a music first passive pre-amp and pass labs monoblock amplifiers. Speakers were various models but we eventually settled on yamaha NS1000’s until we await the arrival of Russell K’s new model.

The cables we listened to were silver diamond speaker cables, xlr balanced cables from pre amp to monoblocks and rca interconnects from phono stage to pre amp. The USB cable was auditioned in another system using a melco hdd storage system feeding into a longdog audio tube dac.

Some audiophiles reading this will think its sales talk as telling people something is brilliant can often be seen as just a salesman selling his wares. The reason no product appears on my website until I have heard it or used it myself or at least one of my testing panel has is because I don’t sell anything I do not believe in, simple as that.

The Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables surpassed my expectations and I now have to go back and start listening to all my favorite LP’s to discover the hidden details that these cables un-cover like nothing else I have ever heard in the past 30+ years. No more need be said, if the cables fall within your budget please listen to them. ” – David Brook owner at MCRU  

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