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Tellurium Q Black Waveform Digital Cable

From: £390.00

  • New Waveform series
  • Most accurate signal possible today
  • Sealed with anti micro-phony compund
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The Black Digital RCA boosts the speed of the edges of the digital signal giving you the fastest possible secure transmission of a digital signal allowing DACs to maintain an excellent lock at all times and reduce error from jitter and minimise drop-out which gives the most accurate signal possible today.

The circuit board in each connector that was designed to actively prevent jitter is also embedded in an anti micro-phony compound to minimise vibration.

Read more about the Tellurium Q Black Waveform Digital Cable here on the Tellurium Q website


“Let’s get the difficult part of this review out of the way. Tellurium Q doesn’t publish specifications – in part becuse it doesn’t want to hand over its trade secrets to its rivals, and in part because there’s a tendency for people to make odd proclamations about sound based on materials alone (“it’s a silver cable, and as such it sounds shiny”). While this is entirely understandable from a commercial proposition (Tellurium Q is not alone in this; Kubala Sosna is also reluctant to disclose details of its designs), it does make it difficult to explain ‘how’ Tellurium Q cables sound as they do, and ‘why’ one cable might perform better than the next in line. The nearest we get is that the cables are designed to eliminate phase distortions in general and the digital cables are good at removing the demon problem for all things onesy-noughtsy… jitter!”

Read the full review from HiFi+



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