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Tellurium Q Black Diamond RCA Interconnect Cables

From: £890.00

  • Range topping cables
  • The reference RCA cable
  • Sealed with an anti micro-phony compound
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The Tellurium Q Black Diamond RCA Interconnect cables are top of the range and they are the Tellurium Q reference RCA for this very reason. With such focus on detail and smoothness, the Black Diamond RCA Interconnect offers the highest performance and each RCA connector is sealed with an anti micro-phony compound which dampens excess vibration.

Once you have experienced these cables in your system, you may never need to upgrade it again. No one has ever returned a Tellurium Q product yet all cables come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Read more about the Tellurium Q Black Diamond RCA Interconnect Cables here on the Tellurium Q website


“It is fair to say that the Black Diamond interconnects were the most sonically invisible cable that I have ever used. I am, quite frankly, amazed that there could be such a difference from what was already excellent performance to the level at which I am currently listening. The speaker cable, when introduced into the system, seemed to build on this by matching the smoothness of the Philosophy’s sonic delivery. It also seemed to have a wider perceived bandwidth, a bigger soundstage, and the ability to present transient detail even more effortlessly. Timing seemed noticeably tighter, with notes stopping and starting more precisely. The change was akin to the difference between driving a car with modern handling and all-round disc brakes as opposed to the softer suspension and disc/drum set ups of cars of days of yore. “

Read the full review here at HiFiWorld


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