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Technics SL1200 | 1210 Linear Power Supply | STEP3


Designed and built in the UK, proven to enhance the sound quality of your Technics SL1200 | 1210 proven by existing customer feedback.

Fitting instructions can be read by clicking here and here.





As standard this power supply is fitted with pure silver cabling from the case to your Technics internal pcb, Furutech gold plated IEC inlet for the power cable, synergistis research or hifi tuning audiophile fuse and neutrik silver plated dc power plug to attach the silver cable to the power supply. Finally the large case is fitted with audiophile support feet to reduce resonances and improve performance. The power supply will ship with an IsoTek EVO3 Premier Mains Lead to suit your country.

AVAILABLE IN 240V and 120V versions and supplied with a mains power cord to suit your country. The PSU is guaranteed for 2 years and comes with full instructions on how to fit it which requires a soldering iron.

We ship to any country in the world.

Mains Cables R Us have developed an external power supply for the Technics SL1200/1210, it will give an immediate sound up-grade when fitted (needs some DIY skill) if you are using the turntable for audiophile purposes and NOT as a DJ deck. The existing power supply in every SL1200/1210 was built with DJ”ing in mind, it suffers from interferance with the delicate stylus, removing the existing power supply and fitting an external one will make your deck sound like you have fitted a new arm or cartridge. Full instructions are supplied with every PSU on how to remove the old one and fit the external supplied DC cable or you can pack your turntable up and we will collect it, fit the cable and return it to you with every PSU sold.

At the heart of the power supply is a heavy duty aluminium extruded case, available in silver or black, fully earthed internally and packed with sophisticated electronics to provide a steady 21v DC output to drive your turntable. Attention to detail is what makes this PSU stand out from competing products. Audio gRade components are used extensively in the quest for perfection. It needs to be heard to be believed, full money back guarantee if not delighted.

The result of months of planning has resulted in a way to drastically improve the performance of your SL1200/1210 if you are serious about sound quality from your vinyl collection. Removing the internal power supply completely and fitting a stand alone external power supply which sits on any surface close to your Technics brings about a tangible increase in sound quality without question. The Mains Cables R Us power supply features a Furutech gold plated IEC inlet, a true audiophile quality item, buy the best.

Below is some feedback from the latest customer to use my power supply:-

Being an audiophile for almost 35 years myself and still owner of my last turntable (Thorens/Hadcock/Ortofon MC30) I had the unfortunate idea to give away most of vinyls upon the coming of the all promising CD around the 80′s.Geting older though one starts to have the urge to do things that remind him of his youth and so I became the owner of a 1200 (although I am a fan of black I chose the original colour) despite of all my friends’ opinions that it had no place in a system like mine.

So I am in the position to A.trying to find new or used vinyls and B.trying to upgrade the Technics in order for it to approach the level of the rest of the system (trying not to change the original appearance hence no arm change only Cardas rewiring).Of course I finally succumbed to a set of Finite Elemente Cerapucs ,Oyaide mat,Oyaide record weight,Oyaide headshell with Furutech La Source silver wires and Furutech Ag-12 tonearm cable.
What I was reluctant to do also was the psu upgrade not being sure of how it would affect the sound and not being convinced from the options on offer.However when I saw the offering from C.R.US I was impressed by the level of the quality of manufacture (Furutech ,PBJ ecc.) and decided to order it although I did not have any real knowledge about it (technical or performance wise) thinking that someone showing this kind of attention at the details must do something right instead of trying to sell magic boxes with wall warts and headphone cables.
Boy was I right! from the first half turn of the platter (all it took to reach its speed) to the first note (no burn in,no critical listeniing) sound was livelier,more energetic,more detailed,more transparent,presentation was quieter.It was as though someone brought the turntable up from the basement to the audio room.Of course it was a far more impressive change than upgrading my cartridge.Only problem was a very strong led (I do a lot of listening in the night) although I found the overall appearence very appealing. I must leave you now,I have to find some vinyls….


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