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Tacima SC5723 Mains Conditioner

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
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I have had a chance to try the Tacima SC5723 filter ordered from you in my system tonight and am absolutely staggered at the results. I have had two other filters of this type  – one a Russ Andrews model  – and neither made the kind of “night and day” different that this one has !! It’s all the more surprising since I have some expensive mains cables and a Moth mains block, so I would only have expected a very small difference but I’m not complaining !!!
Thanks for stocking this. I’m thrilled to have it and will surely be dealing with you again.
Richard Newman

The Tacima SC5723 mains conditioner is designed to help eliminate Radio Frequency Interference that can degrade the sound and pictures of hi-fi and home cinema systems. It also incorporates a substantial surge protection circuit to protect delicate equipment against spikes and surges on the mains supply. The product sits ‘above the mains’, so to speak, and not in line with the equipment: this approach is preferred by many enthusiasts as it is inferred that less impedance is introduced into the line.

The product is designed to plug into any empty 13amp socket next to where your equipment is plugged in, be it on the wall or on a power strip. Alternatively, it can be plugged in next to a device that is causing interference problems, such as fridge, computer, etc.

The SC5723 does not incorporate a neon light, as this can inject interference into your equipment.

Operating Voltage: 220 – 250V AC
Max Current rating: 13A
Mains Conditioner: capacitor network.
Max Surge Protection: 4500 Amps. 

You can visit the Tacima web site here.


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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Tacima SC5723 Mains Conditioner

  1. Rated 5 out of 5



    I bought one of these to replace a similar item, different brand, and very noisy.
    The Tacima works at last as well as my old filter, but is completely silent. I’m using it on a power block, where the Mac Mini that acts as source for my system is connected.
    I’m actually thinking of buying another one and plug it near the router!
    There are no night and day differences in the sound, but I noticed a more liquid midrange, less grainy. The stage also seems to be deeper.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Anderson

    Tacima SC5723

    Does exactly what it says!
    I have two PC’s in my study, and a wine cooler (fridge) —- OK, I know, why do I have a wine cooler in my study? Best left alone!
    One of my PC’s has a sound system attached, and everytime the fridge kicked in, or kicked out, the sound system would shut off with a squeaking sound, only to be corrected with the power to the sound system turned off, and on again.
    This little gizmo has corrected that problem.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denis Holliday (verified owner)

    “Amazed !”

    “I bought two of these, one to protect the new LED TV, and one for the Hi-Fi, primarily to kill any noise from the 4 switch mode supplies sharing a distribution block with my Unitiserve, powered by the MCRU “Long Dog Audio” linear PSU. The improvement in sound across both installations was, to my surprise, quite dramatic ! I can now turn up the volume several notches above the previous “normal” level. So, particularly with 24/96 downloads, I can really hear the low level ambience of a recording and the peak transients are really loud, without being harsh or painful. With the television the volume is up so again low level information is improved and speech clearer. It may be a function of the local supply, or that there are lots of halogen lamps, each with switch mode “transformers” shoving out noise, but for me at least, a really great buy !”

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Whitrow

    “A Clear Improvement”

    “Although I already have upgraded mains leads, fuses, a balanced power supply, etc., I could immediately hear the improvement from this filter, especially the improved pitch definition and smoother treble. And this is after I already had a similarly-priced competitor’s filter connected. After a week, I conducted listening tests with both filters connected or disconnected. It was nice to confirm my initial impressions. Both made an improvement, but the Tacima was clearly better, and I decided to order a couple more of the latter. Recommended!”

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kev Edwards (verified owner)

    “Substantial mains filter, very well made and cheap as chips.”

    “I can not say it has had a substantial effect on my system, but it is sat there plugged into the first socket on my 6 gang silver plated extension bar. I used to suffer from mains spikes on a previous Naim Audio full active twin amplifier set up. Every time someone flicked a light switch in our home, which has not been rewired since the house was built in the late 1960s, so i tried one of these filters from a different supplier and it stopped the spike, that filter is still in use plugged in next to the plug for the extension bar at the wall socket. I don’t expect this filter to alter the sound of my system or improve upon what i have now, all i expect it to do is sit there and protect against any surge that may occur. The PC board inside the filter i bought was loose inside the casing as the resin had not been applied to the inside of the outer casing that holds the pc board in place, but it was a easy fix to hold the pc board in place by adding a touch of resin between the main capacitor and the inside of the outer casing to sort the problem, a oversight when the item was manufactured. It is a mains filter designed to add nothing to a mains supply but to take away spikes and protect against surges.”

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