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Synergistic Research Quantum BLUE UK Plug Fuse

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The new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse was developed over a two year period and represents our most advanced UEF Technology to date. At its heart is a completely new UEF / Graphene coating that delivers a dramatic increase in resolution and holographic realism over SR Black. And thanks to a new conditioning process, break-in time is cut in half. In fact a brand new out-of-the-box BLUE Fuse should significantly out perform a fully broken-in BLACK Fuse and it only gets better from there with full performance after 200 hrs of continues power. To find out how good your components really are audition the new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse today.

These are 25.4mm long to fit a UK mains plug.

How fuses alter the sound of your system.

For over one hundred years people believed electrons flowed like water through a pipe and that once ‘contaminated’ by miles of wire, there was little or nothing that could be done to ‘clean’ the electricity feeding your components. Consider this: the electricity feeding your system’s components first propagates through a single fuse. This is why significant gains in sound quality are possible when you insert an SR Black or Blue Fuses into each of your components.

Today physicists understand electrons don’t flow at all but rather propagate in a wave of energy that moves along a conductor with a multitude of factors that alters this wave at the quantum level. To understand how electricity travels without electrons ever leaving their respective atoms it is helpful to consider the spectator ‘wave’ at a football match. Even though you can clearly see a wave pattern moving from spectator to spectator as fans raise and then lower their hands (without hands jumping from one person to the next), so too does electricity ‘move’ without electrons ever leaving their atoms. At Synergistic Research we’ve isolated key factors that affect how electricity propagates by changing the behavior of electrons through Inductive Quantum Coupling methods we collectively call UEF Tech. In fact, UEF Tech is so powerful even an electrical chain several miles long is fundimentally improved with nothing more than a single fuse engineered with our patented UEF Technology.

 We’re so sure you’ll love what SR Black and Blue Fuses do for your system, we sell them with a no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee so you can audition SR Black and Blue Fuses in your system risk-free. Then if you’re not 100% satisfied with your system’s performance on SR Black and Blue fuses, return the fuses to your dealer in like new condition for a full refund.

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4 reviews for Synergistic Research Quantum BLUE UK Plug Fuse

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Wanless

    I have seen the benefit of upgrading fuses convincingly demonstrated at Audio Shows. If nothing else, there is a logic which says that there is something wrong to spend thousands on equipment, cable upgrades etc but accept that all current still flows through a basic fuse which has not changed for years… However, to spend £130 on a fuse – could it possibly be worth it! Assured by the offer of a trial period, I ordered six-quite an investment. For certain, I am more than pleased I made this purchase. Now sound is more detailed and more balanced. However, I try to describe it, the bottom line is audio quality has improved and is more enjoyable. As an experiment, I replaced the fuse in an Isotek Syncro that powers the Sigma that powers my TV surround sound system and Virgin box. Picture colour of the TV and sound quality improved. I usually set the sound level to the same level (as agreed with my partner!) and was surprised that I could clearly make out what was being said in some often watched adverts when previously what was being spoken was slightly muffled or too quiet to make out. Now if I have had some doubts about my perception of “improvements, the “lady” of the house also agreed that these improvements existed and as she does object to my expenditure on hi-fi equipment, there is no way she would have offered approval unless she was also convinced! These fuses are definitely worth a try. I should mention that I had already upgraded to Synergistic Red fuses and the “improvements” were in addition to those to that they made and should progress further as the “burn in” period is 200-300 hours. Blue fuses get my recommendation as a cost effective upgrade.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    jimcretton (verified owner)

    I have already purchased one SR Blue internal fuse for my DAC power supply and was, and still am, delighted. I have recently purchased another two, 13A UK plug fuses, for my mains extension block and one for my amplifier mains lead. It really is a case of more of the same (see my review of the internal Blue fuse), building upon the strengths already brought by the first fuse. The music is becoming altogether more composed, refined, subtle, sublime, detailed, textured, spacious and beyond. I still have three more Blue fuses to install in my digital system – two internal, one mains plug – and given that each fuse added so far still brings massive gains the final result will no doubt be phenomenal. My analogue system – a far superior one to my digital set-up – has yet to taste SR Blue. In total it requires nine fuses. Given the results so far, going fully Blue should take it into the stratosphere, and beyond.

    Highly, highly recommended.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Coolhandluke11 (verified owner)

    The difference these make is amazing. I bought 1 at first to try in a multi adapter, it improved the entire system so then I bought 1 fuse for each item (4 ) the turntable PSU, the phono stage PSU, the amp and the streamer. it improved everything dramatically, more clarity in all areas.
    I took the fuse from the phono stage PSU and put the normal one back in, not for long though, it was clearly a step down with the original fuse.
    I’m going to take each fuse out and replace with a standard one but suspect the effect will be the same, a decrease in performance when the Quantum blue fuse is replaced with a standard one.
    so far, I’ll not be returning any of the five I’ve received.
    I am amazed by the improvement. with a 30 day return policy, its hard not to at least try a fuse. Highly recommended.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adam Westrip (verified owner)

    After having great success with the previous SR Red and then Black fuses, I decided to give the Blue a listen. These are without a doubt the best I’ve heard. I replaced the 13a fuse on my Naim 555Ps feeding a CDX2. The difference was immediate, but as with all changes of this type you need to let the components bed in, settle down and open up. And it’s well worth the wait. At first switch on. the improvement in clarity and openness of the sound is what first struck me, even over my well run in Black fuse. But over the next 10 or so day the sound continued to improve. The sound is more detailed and open, wider and deeper, with subtle details in the music easier to hear. There is no hint of harshness and it’s in no fatiguing during longer listening sessions. These are worth every penny. I’ll be trying more as funds allow. As always, great service from David. Thank you

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