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The Right One Record Cleaning Fluid

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MCRU are the only authorized seller of this fluid which we regard as the best there is. Available in 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre containers. Starting at £15+ VAT for 500ml.

Many people are now realizing that truly, the only way to enjoy music in the home is from vinyl.  We are seeing a huge resurgence in vinyl sales and once again, vinyl is cool.  But here at “Rebirth Of The Cool”, we know that “you just gotta keep it clean”.  Clean records, as audiophiles know, have an enhanced sound stage and provide a greater musical enjoyment. There are many products for vinyl cleaning on the market but which is the best?  Well, we believe it’s our scientifically developed professional cleaning solution fluid, which is why we call it “The Right One”.  One of the foremost manufacturers of professional record cleaning machines is Loricraft Audio and our CEO (a former executive of a major multi-national Hi-Fi company), was a consultant to them, during which time he spent several months researching the best possible formula for a record cleaning fluid.  “The Right One” professional record cleaning fluid is the result of that research.

It would be great if you could just use water to clean your records or one of those dry brushes, but there are problems with this approach.  Taking the dry brush first, it simply cannot remove dust that has become electrostatically bonded to the vinyl and we all know records can carry a lot of static.  As far as water is concerned, there are two problems.  Firstly, it won’t break down any oil based contaminants, such as cigarette tar from smoke and grease from fingerprints.  Water and water/alcohol mixtures are, strange as it may seem, just not wet enough to get deeply into the grooves.  The surface tension stops it from flowing into the microgrooves of the record.  Using scientific research methodology, over a period of months, we arrived at what we believe to be the best proportion of distilled water, mild solvent and an anti-static wetting agent to breaks the surface tension and allow the fluid to run deep into the grooves.   We use a 6 times purified distilled water, so there will be no mineral deposits left by the cleaning fluid after it has done its job.  

All our ingredients are laboratory grade and include and our anti-static wetting agent, so unlike dry cleaning methods such as brushes or clothes used on their own,  the record won’t re-attract dust as soon as it has been cleaned.  Though we use a vacuum professional record cleaning machine ourselves, “The Right One” professional record cleaning fluid can be used by hand, provided the record is thoroughly dried with a micro fibre cloth after cleaning.   This is what we use at home on our 3,000 plus record collection.  We also us it on all the records we sell, so you can use it with confidence because, like all our “The Right One” accessory range, we won’t sell it to you unless we use it ourselves.  This fluid is for vinyl records and is not recommended for 78s or CDs, we have cleaners for these so please contact us for more details.

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