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Oyaide STB-MS Vinyl Stabiliser


Possibly the finest record weight yet made and a perfect match for the Oyaide MJ-12 turntable mat.

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In stock at Mains Cables R Us: use it in conjunction with the MJ-12 turntable mat for the ultimate performance from your turntable and sound from your vinyl.

“Every one of our products is totally ‘made in Japan’, even down to the most minute component; all so we can maintain our high standard of quality and reliability” says Oyaide. “It is essential to have every production system under our direct and strict control. Our products are for a special and demanding market, where minute vibration from a loose connection or due to imperfect choice of material could become a vital failure. We carefully design each and every component for ease of assembling, simplicity and safety. We carefully select materials for superior sound quality, durability and reliability. For that requirement, cost factor is secondary. Instead we ignore excess decoration and unnecessary complexity. We are proud to present true value-for-money products for your enjoyment.”

Oyaide’s rationale behind the design and production of the STB-MS vinyl stabiliser:-

“STB-MS is the original vinyl stabiliser produced with innovation concepts. It is composed by 10 detachable parts and its weight is changeable by the number of the weights, for your best timbre tuning. And the optional carbon weight (STM-CM) can be equipped according to your preference. Furthermore, it can be used for EPs by flipping it upside down.

Additional tone control by customisable weights combination.

STB-MS/HW is composed by 10 parts and can be assembled/disassembled by users (top disk x 1, bottom disk x 1, weight x 6, central axis x 1, weight spacer x 1).

The total weight is customisable for your favourite timbre tuning. In addition, with Oyaide original turntable sheet (MJ-12) it generates a synergistic effect for better sound quality.

We have manufactured our own internal Delrin tubes for the STB-MS, which offer a unique sound quality compared to the original Oyaide tubes.”


You can learn more about Oyaide by using this link to visit their web site.

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