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Oyaide SPYT Gold or Silver-Plated Spade Connectors, Set of 4


Value-for-money set of 4 Gold-Plated or Silver-Plated Spade Connectors.

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These spade connectors are available in either gold or silver-plated versions, please specify when ordering.

The Oyaide range of connectors undergoes attention to detail like no other in the hi-fi industry. As well as being an authorised Oyaide dealer, we use these in our own system as well as in many of the mains leads we produce for our customers.

“These plugs are not merely high grade; every step is taken to realise ‘State of the Art’ audio” say Oyaide themselves.

“Every one of our products is totally ‘made in Japan’, even down to the most minute component; all so we can maintain our high standard of quality and reliability. It is essential to have every production system under our direct and strict control. Our products are for a special and demanding market, where minute vibration from a loose connection or due to imperfect choice of material could become a vital failure. We carefully design each and every component for ease of assembling, simplicity and safety. We carefully select materials for superior sound quality, durability and reliability. For that requirement, cost factor is secondary. Instead we ignore excess decoration and unnecessary complexity. We are proud to present true value-for-money products for your enjoyment.

We consider that the cable terminal is one of the most important parts in an audio component and SPYT (silver) and GYT (gold) are especially designed to give additional tone control without changing cable character.

After it is punched out from a 2mm thick oxygen-free copper board, it is hand-polished twice. Then, SPYT is plated with silver (inner) and palladium (outer) and GYT is plated with 24k gold. In order to produce a good product, Oyaide Electric doesn’t hesitate to employ this time-consuming process.

The connectors are cut in two-size adjustments (6mm and 8mm) for use with almost all speaker posts.”



Material Oxygen free copper
Plating SPYT: silver layered palladium
GYT: 24K gold
Connection soldering or pressure bonding
Speaker post diameter 6mm or 8mm
Maximum cable diameter 5 mm
Attachment  heat shrink tube (4pcs)
Packing 4 pcs in a box



You can learn more about Oyaide by using this link to visit their web site.

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