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Oyaide PA-2075 DR Tone-Arm Cable

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# UP-OCC Copper

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# Japanese Cratfmanship




Manufactured to exacting standards and needing to be heard to be believed, this cable will do wonders for your vinyl replay: we use it in our own reference system.

Available with straight din connector to rca’s, right angled din connector to rca’s and rca to rca. Please note that the right angled din version is £380 due to the extensive assembly time.

Oyaide’s rationale behind design and production of the PA-2075 cable:-

“PCOCC-A (ultra pure continuous cast copper) is a core component of all PA series products and is a key factor for high-quality and high-performance of this cable from Oyaide Electric. Each model in the PA series has its own concept and identity, individualised by materials and structures.

The PA-2075 coaxial cable is a parallel-layout structure designed to be compact and lightweight. In order to reduce conductor resistance and transmit weak analogue signals effectively, the overall diameter of the conductor strands was increased to 0.5sq.mm.

The high-density spiral shielding structure is composed of PCOCC-A for its highly effective behaviour in an ultra-compact layout. The semiconductor (carbon PVC) layer is provided for the purpose of eliminating static electricity without exerting any influence on the conductor.

As an insulator, we selected high-polymer polyethylene, which has the same permittivity as Teflon but is halogen-free for audio applications.

This genuinely innovative product is produced by applying the latest materials and structures based on solid research data. PA-2075 expands the possibilities and enjoyment of your life with analogue audio.


PCOCC copper is a material that includes very few impurities and ensures very low levels of signal disturbance. Because of its incidence of no-grain boundaries, the signal passes without impediment or distortion. Heating and cooling the PCOCC wire under controlled circumstances yields a densely re-crystallised, highly pure structure called a μ conductor. The resulting product, with a mirror finish applied, is called PCOCC-A copper. This highly advanced product is made possible by the combined application of high technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Multi-stranded structure:

A core component of PA-2075 is PCOCC-A signal transmission unit, 0.5sq diameter, and forms the multi-stranded wire structure. Rather than twisting whole wires, the triple-layered inverted concentric structure is employed for maximum density and uniformity of wire structure and for infilling of internal space and preventing deformation amongst the wires. Served shielding is applied to infill internal space and to prevent deformation among the wires as well as the conductor. The number of wires used for the served shield is about three times more than the number for the conductor.

Special characteristic:

PA-2075 was created for transmitting ultra-weak analogue signals. Due to the fact that its electric capacitance is set to 110.0pF/m (1kHz) and characteristic impedance is set to 44Ω, PA-2075 has excellent signal transmitting capabilities.

Insulator & outer sheath:

In addition to PCOCC-A conductor, we employed halogen-free sheathing developed specifically for audio applications. It is RoHS compliant and has excellent vibration damping properties due to its compounding ratio of materials. It also has superior electrical characteristic which controls the elevation of relative permittivity and attenuation of electric quantity of bass sound. The insulator is made from polyolefin which has quarter of permittivity compared to common PVC. We paid careful attention to strengthen the cohesiveness of its insulator and conductor in order to infill random space and maintain a high-quality signal transmission.

Connectors (PA-2075 DR/ RR / LDR):

The original 5-pin phono plug and RCA plug are plated by rhodium to prevent the corrosion of the contacts. For inner insulator, PTFE (Teflon) is employed for its low-dielectric permittivity to attenuate signal loss. The RCA plug is moulded into the cover after the soldering process to attenuate vibration. Moreover, the outer cover is machined by NC machining one by one.


You can learn more about Oyaide by using this link to visit their web site.


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