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Melco N1A Audiophile Music Library

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5 star review in Hi-Fi World

Melco Brochure here.




The Melco N1A HDD Music Library offers music lovers the first storage system optimised for high resolution audio. Designed from the beginning as an audiophile component it is brimming with audiophile credentials  – even the basic design architecture is unique to the application of High Resolution Digital Music playback. Incorporating the unique Melco Direct Streaming Music format, all systems using network players benefit from improved sound quality and a better user experience, free from IT-industry peripherals such as NAS drives and noisy switch mode power bricks.

The digital audio file has now become the most important and highest quality digital audio source for computer based music.  To support this trend, various high end audio players now support UPnP / DLNA streaming.  Unlike SACD or CD, audio streaming requires integration with a NAS device that needs to be carefully designed for low noise, power stabilisation and functionality, most are not.  The engineers at Buffalo did just that, they designed a NAS specifically as a High Resolution Digital Music Library with the name Melco.  The resultant players deliver the high standard of user experience and audio file quality that one would insist upon when choosing superior audio equipment.

  •  Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity – optimum data integrity and simple setup.
  •  Light-piped Ethernet ports – complete electrical isolation totally removing possibility of interference and noise.
  •  LAN LED off function – ensures the highest possible data integrity.
  •  Separated power supply circuitry for LAN ports – isolates the LAN function from all electrical disturbances
  •  Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock – eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source
  •  High grade power supplies with audiophile grade components. N1A – 60W x 1
  •  Specialist audio isolators (Japanese TAOC brand)

The Melco N1A is the solution to network attached storage and is relatively easy to set up even for a novice.

    • No PC required for setup and installation – no specialist knowledge needed.
    •  Specific IP port for Streamer / Player with additional Network port for Control and Ethernet. Simply creates robust network for streaming high resolution music and control even on complex networks.
    •  Pre-installed media server – no configuration required.
    •  Supports multiple specialised media servers – currently shipping with Twonky 7 with DSD support.
    •  Informative OLED front panel display – displays current streaming track data, system status, and setup,
    •  Simple menu navigation structure and track selection
    •  Simple front panel on-off switch – just like Hi-Fi.
    •  15 seconds only to full power-on.
    •  5 seconds to full shut-down
    •  Safe against unintended power down – no requirement for UPS

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