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MCRU No.4 Mains Power Extension Block

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  • Developed for mains conditioners
  • Adds extra sockets
  • Furutech cabling

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For all audiophiles who have a mains conditioner such as the IsoTek Sigmas, Aquarius or any other with mains sockets on the rear, MCRU have developed a mains extension block to simply connect to any of the sockets on your power conditioner to add more sockets.

As an example plug this into the back of your IsoTek Sigmas and you will have an extra 4/6 or 8 sockets to use. The mains block itself has the light and on/off switch dis-abled for optimum sound quality, all the internal rails are either treated with caig de-oxit or plated to improve electrical conductivity. The cabling is soldered directly to the rails using audio note 6% silver solder, also featuring our bespoke internal non intrusive filtering in the mains plug and block itself.

The extension block is wired with 0.5 metres of cable as standard and fitted with a Furutech in line mains plug so it does not interfere with your rack when the plug has been inserted into your mains conditioner.

PLEASE NOTE to give all our customers the choice they deserve we offer the block in 4 configurations, each one is made to order so please allow time for assembly and testing.

OPTION 1 Standard brass internal rails with the new Furutech pure copper straight mains plug (specially commissioned by MCRU from Furutech)

OPTION 2 Silver plated internal rails with Furutech rhodium plated straight mains plug

OPTION 3 Gold plated internal rails with Furutech gold plated straight mains plug

OPTION 4 Rhodium plated internal rails with Furutech rhodium plated straight mains plug

Extra cabling can be added, finally we fit a synergistic research BLACK fuse in ALL the options as they are the best. 

MCRU assure our customers the No.4 main block can also be used to devastating effect as a stand alone mains extension block. We recommend the silver plated version. 



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