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MCRU NO.12 Mains Power Lead

From: £330.00

  • Our very latest design
  • Ultra pure copper cabling
  • Internal filtration system
  • Furutech connectors
  • 1 metre long as standard
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The MCRU No.12 mains power lead is made to the very latest specification and features our own internal filtration system as well as the very latest ultra pure copper cable, most of the improvements in mains power leads in recent years have been the purity of the wire itself. MCRU firmly believe that the terminations play an important part which is why you will never see cheap sourced plugs or connectors on any of our cables.

The No.12 sounds particularly special because we have incorporated all our 30+ years of know how into the design. We learned many years ago that simply cobbling together any old plug and cable does not always give the desired sonic results. The No.12 incorporates some secret ingredients under the hood which are designed to eradicate interference and improve the flow of electrons.

The No.12 is available in 2 configurations, standard and high current. We have already supplied these cables for power amps (monoblocks and integrated amps) as well as pre-amps, dacs, phono stages and tuners.

The conductivity of metals used in hifi play a massive part in the sound signature of any cable. We judge the performance of our own cables in 2 ways. The first being our own listening tests using an IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis mains regenerator and an EVO3 Sigmas mains conditioner to power our own listening system and the second is how many customers return our cables because they don’t like them. The latter is ZERO and the first is foolproof because we carry on tweaking the mains lead design until we get the results we require.

The No.12 is available with UK | EU Schuko | Australian | USA mains plugs as well as standard C15 IEC or C19 HC high current IEC or FIG.8 all Furutech branded connectors.



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