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MCRU NO. 27 Mains Power Lead

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

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The MCRU No. 27 mains power lead was developed to use with Naim equipment but also offers worthwhile improvements with all hi-fi equipment. Constructed using quality components tried and trusted and featuring some inovative additions, the No. 27 has been positively endorsed by Malcolm Steward, hi-fi journalist and respecetd UK audiophile. Malcolm is considered by many to be the foremost expert on Naim equipment outside Naim themselves, having reveiwed almost the entire range spanning back many years. Malcolm has a blog where the cable has been reviewed, read about it here. 

The No. 27 is supplied 1 metre long as standard, extra cable can be added using the menu next to the price, please note that in it’s standard form the mains plug is fitted with a quality gold over silver plated fuse, if you wish to improve the lead still further we offer a fuse up-grade to a hifi tuning uk gold 2 fuse which lifts performance even higher. The mains lead has a built in ground loop system which combats RFI/EMI and ensures the cable does not act as an aerial picking up radio waves and other interferance, the theory is also known as a faraday cage and it works exceptionally well in hi-fi applications.


Below is the full review from Malcolms blog.

The legendary Crump Asylum mains lead is an example of uncommon audiophile pragmatism: TG Audio Lab’s Bob Crump kept trying after-market mains cables but could never find one that performed better than the moulded cables that came with his Levinson amplifiers. When he replaced their wall plugs their performance advanced further. He then replaced their IEC plugs with better quality versions and the performance of the cables took another step forward. The resultant cable has been his reference mains lead for more than two decades, and he has written about its construction on the Audio Asylum internet forum, hence the name it acquired, the Crump Asylum lead.

Unlike many after-market leads, the Crump Asylum and the similar MCRU No 27, look mundane when you peruse their materials: fundamentally, the No 27 consists of two high quality mains connectors – a gold-plated MK Toughplug and a Martin Kaiser IEC connector – and a length of Belden 13964 cable in a carbon-infused sheath to reject interference. There is nothing outrageously exotic here: but I don’t think that the bill-of-materials approach is appropriate. The cable design of the MCRU No 27 differs only slightly from Crump’s original. For example, the sheath drain wire is connected at only one end (the wall end). It has been suggested by commentators also that one should solder the cable within the IEC plug but MCRU considers this not to be a good idea, primarily because of the metallurgical differences between the gold-plated ‘pins’ on the plug and the solder.


The MCRU No 27 delivers an overall performance boost unlike most after-market cables that seem to offer dramatic improvements in one or two specific areas only. For this reason I was happy to use the cryogenically-treated No 27 within my Naim Audio and Neat XL10 primary system, which does not truly appreciate after-market mains cables. Happily, with the No 27 feeding my pre-amp, the system simply delivered more of its usual musical coherence and communication, along with a super quiet background, and greater definition of micro-dynamics and nuances from the back of the sound-stage. That it promotes discernible, persuasive improvements within such a sensitive electronics set-up merits a genuine big up from me. The £95.00 MCRU No 27 is a killer and comes particularly highly recommended, especially for owners of Naim systems and any others that are sensitive to changes in the impedance of the mains supply.

Please also consider the MCRU No. 85 mains lead which is even better!



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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for MCRU NO. 27 Mains Power Lead

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    “Killer” cable really works

    I have made two purchases from MCRU that have transformed my sound quality and it is the best tonal balance, clarity and foot tapping enjoyment I have ever had from a system. First purchase was Mains Lead No.27. Immediate improvement with this plugged straight into wall socket to amp and more expensive well know lead straight into wall to CD. As Malcolm Steward says it is a “killer cable” and the “magic” (my words) is in the sum of the parts working together as Malcolm says. I have emailed David numerous times and always received great advice and answers. It was the No. 27. Cable that convinced me that in my house and system, RFI must be a problem as the improvement gained by the double RFI action of cable sheath (Faraday Cage) plus Carbon Infused Sleeve was so good. I decided to follow through and get a mains block (see review of Audiophile block). The RFI and plating science David follows seems to be sound. I advise anyone to try David’s Cables but do dialogue with him as it is instructive and enlightening. He makes the differing products in his range for very good reasons. I think my more expensive woven cable may just get replaced by another No.27, but not before I email David first!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fantastic cable

    I bought 2 of these one for my rega brio r amp and one for my rega Apollo r CD player and the difference these have made is unbelievable if you don’t think that mains cables make a difference try this you will be amazed I was.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    “MCRU No. 27 Mains Cable “

    “David’s kindness and consideration are well known in the hi fi world and I am very grateful indeed to have been the beneficiary on several occasions. You’d be mad not to make him your first port of call for any cabling or accessory needs. I already own a MCRU Audio Asylum lead which is a resident fixture in my system and I thought I knew what to expect. But I was honestly astonished at the difference that this No. 27 cable made straight out of the box and with burn-in it will of course sound even better. It has improved my system in every respect. The two cables that I’ve mentioned here have replaced cables of other brands which cost many times more and are thoroughly recommended to anyone no matter how much or how little they may have spent on equipment. Thanks, David and I shall be back to upgrade further in due course. “

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