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MCRU HC Ultimate Mains Power Lead (Rhodium)

From: £895.00

High Current Ultimate 20 Amps 




This is the NEW high current version of our Ultimate Mains Lead, using heavier gauge cable rated up to 20 amps, especially suited to large power amps and mains power conditioners like the IsoTek Titan, Super Titan and PS Audio Powerplant / P10.

If you do not believe cables make a difference to sound quality you have not heard “The Ultimate”. Now in Mk II guise and a Hi-Fi Choice 5 star reveiwed cable, editor David Price states” one of the very best mains power leads I have heard”

The Ultimate is available with a wide choice of plugs and connectors, as standard it is fitted with a Furutech FI-1363 Rhodium mains plug and FI-50 rhodium IEC connector. We can fit alternative connectors to suit any budget or system, the mains lead starting price is £500 dependant on connectors chosen. Standard IEC or 16 amp IEC, Australian or USA mains plug as an example.

The MK II Ultimate Mains Lead has been improved in key areas and we have been told by customers it does sound far better than the MK I. Please read all about the cable on the Art of Sound forum. Please note when you choose a mains plug in the drop down menu the appropriate audiophile fuse will be automatically added.

Having sold a large number of Ultimate Mains Leads, we have developed an even better version which builds on the strengths of the original design. The Mk II version sounds even better, the Mk I is still we feel an outstanding mains lead, able to beat designs costing 3 times as much in the area most important to all audiophiles, sound quality! 


The Mk II version of The Ultimate Mains Lead still features the best connectors on the market, Furutech FI-50 series carbon fibre connectors and plugs, there is nothing better, rhodium plated pins, cryo treatment and demagnetization using Furutech’s patented process, we have heard nothing to touch them.

The Mk II needs to be auditioned in your own system to appreciate the improvements, but be warned, once burnt in you will be back for more of them. 

As supplied the ultimate is fitted with Furutech FI-50 IEC either standard or high current (16 amp), the UK version has the FI-1363 Rhodium plated mains plug fitted with a Furutech rhodium plated 13 amp fuse. For europe an FI-50 Schuko plug and for the USA an FI-50 USA plug.

Standard length is 1.2 metres, please note the Ultimate needs 3-4 weeks burn in time before sounding at it’s best. 

Please do not be too concerned about what is in the cable itself, listening to it will leave you in no doubt that you need one, in fact many customers have their entire system wired with it.

The Ultimate can be configured with different plugs and connectors on request, please enquire if you want a different mains plug or IEC fitting.

Here is a review of The Ultimate.

Some customer comments:-

I’m not going to beat around the bush: the Ultimate on the Chord is bloody breathtaking. It has taken me over the threshold from listening to a fantastic reproduction to just being in the recorded space. I don’t mean the popular ‘you are there’, I mean really being in the space with all the aural cues that make it real. There is absolutely no sense of a record playing. Van Morrison’s voice is dirty and gritty but his sax is divine – all the raspy horniness that the real thing has. Ry Cooder’s music is detailed and infectious and boppy and just so damned real. Bass pulses and transients hit the chest, as they should. I always knew the Chord is a bit special and it just keeps on responding. I simply cannot stop playing music!

Mr Taylor 18.08.12

04/30/2012 Martin J. Martin J I bought this as an investment for my system, so chose the Furutech FI-50 and Rhodium plug. As it’s burnt in, the sound has just gotten better and better (clearer, more detailed, moe enjoyable).

If you’d told me a few months ago I’d be buying something of this cost I’d have scoffed. If you told me to go back to a generic lead now, there’s no way I would; this is a great bit of kit I plan to keep for many years; thanks David, I’ll be coming back.

07/02/2011 Howard Arrowsmith. Mr I replaced 4 mains cables with 4 Ultimate cables. Three cables for the equipment were fitted with US style IEGO plugs to fit my Acoustic Revive RTP-4 mains block and the other was fitted with the Furutech UK plug to connect the RTP-4 to the mains supply.

The difference was clear to hear. Essentailly the system seems to have more energy resulting in a faster more musical sound. Overall very pleased with the result. Also the service I received was excellent.

06/13/2011 Vivek K. An excellent cable! I tried this cable against the Furutech Alpha 3 & it’s even better than that!

In my system, it provides a ‘smoother & cleaner’ sound. I certainly recommend it.

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