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MCRU Ultimate Power Cord for Europe

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The Ultimate Power Cord now available as standard with Furutech FI-50 SCHUKO Plug and FI-50 IEC connector.

Once you have heard this cable in your system you won’t want to let it go, it really is that good, not just us saying so, read what our customers have to say:-

Every time I fit one of your Ultimates, I’m gob-smacked at the difference a ‘mere’ mains lead can make… Awesome!

Can’t tell you how good this lead is, I use it running into my Pioneer Susano amp. Gives the sound massive depth full of oomph!

Fitted to my krell amp it sounds like I’ve upgraded the amp to a much pricier model. Gives every aspect of sound, CD, LP, SACD, Radio and DVDA, a massive jump in performance. 

The difference was clear to hear. Essentailly the system seems to have more energy resulting in a faster more musical sound. Overall very pleased with the result. Also the service I received was excellent.

In my system, it provides a ‘smoother & cleaner’ sound. I certainly recommend it.

I tried this cable against the Furutech Alpha 3 & it’s even better than that!

The Ultimate Mains Lead is available in any length with any plug and connector choice according to your requirements. It is a totally custom made mains lead which we tailor to suit your system. As standard we fit the Furutech FI-50 carbon fibre rhodium IEC and the matching FI-50 SCHUKO mains plug. Other configurations can easily be made including Oyaide plugs and connectors USA, Schuko and Australian plugs. The outer sleeving is also customisable, grey, black or blue. 

Anyone with a hi-fi system of any repute will know that using a good quality mains power lead will enhance the performance of the system. The mains is the fuel for your hi-fi equipment, the better the mains lead the better your enjoyment of your system. Mains Cables R Us introduced The Ultimate Mains Lead 6 months ago, since then we have made a steady run of Ultimates, some customers purchasing one, others using them for all their equipment. They are really that good, we call them The Ultimates because we have yet to hear anything better for anywhere near the amount of money we charge. As this particular power lead is the best we have ever made we are calling it the Number One.

To further enhance the already exceptional performance of The Ultimates, we have up-graded the IEC connector on The Number One to elevate the mains lead into a different league altogether. It was exceptional, it is now un-believable. We agree that cables are very system dependant so a home demo is a must, we are confident you will not be dis-appointed.

The basic cable remains the same, ultra pure copper with extensive shielding and ground loop built in, but now the creme de la creme of IEC connectors is now fitted as standard. The IEC in question is the Furutech FI-50 which retails on its own for over £200. How can one justify spending this much on a connector, the answer is easy once you have heard it. The combination of rhodium plating and the carbon fibre body is truly beguiling, coupled with ultra pure copper cable there is no other mains power lead that we know of capable of offering such devastating performance unless spending at least double or even treble the cost of our lead. 

To hear what The Number One is capable of contact us now for an audition. You will not be dis-appointed.

The Mains Cables R Us Ultimate Number One Power Cord is sold as 1.2 Metres Long As Standard. It can be supplied in any length you require, in addition we can fit an FI-50 Schuko or USA (Nema) Plug on request, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 


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