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Mains Cables R Us No. 91 Mains Lead UK Version

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Belden 83803 Cable, MK plug, 1 metre long. NOW UP-GRADED WITH FILTERED MAINS PLUG + IEC

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The No. 91 mains lead is made using Belden 83803 audiophile shielded cable which has an active earth shield (faraday cage) to combat RFI and keep interference at bay.

Terminated with the number one UK mains plug, 1000’s sold and appearing on many top selling cables, the MK Toughplug is a perfect fit for the belden cable. We fit a silver plated audio grade fuse and treat all internal contact pins in our ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove all surface contaminants, finally a double helping of caig de-oxit to give the plug an invisible shield to prevent ingress of dust and prevent oxidation of the metal surfaces.

The IEC connector is the same brand that many top end cable manufacturers use, made in germany to exacting standards, Martin Kaiser IEC again treated in the same way as the toughplug with de-oxit, everything that could be done to offer the best quality of terminations possible. The mains lead is assembled and tested in our own workshops and made using top quality parts, no shortcuts are ever made with our cables and we always do everything possible to produce the best cables possible.


I am not one of those people who thinks that changing audio cables will make a huge improvement to their hi-fi set up. I’m in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” camp on this one. But, on the other hand, I can tell when I have a technical problem that needs attention.

My headphone amp was suffering some little annoying plops, hisses and growls. I had recently cleaned the mains and knew that that was not causing the trouble. But it’s so easy to be confident as well as WRONG. The mains were fine – all except for the final metre, from the plug to the amp’s own connector! The noise was what?  EMF? Induction? Stray RF signals? Who knows? Maybe all of them to some extent. To eliminate, I could either track down each one of them …. or …. simply stop them from infecting my system. Now that last choice seemed like a great deal less work.

Browsing the internet, Mains Cables R Us No.91 caught my eye. It mentioned ‘Faraday Cage’. I remember those. I thought never mind when the thing was invented, this is going to be the future! And it is. All that annoying noise has gone! But in it’s place is something else, something I didn’t expect; an improved sound! The bass lines are cleaner and deeper, the highs just float away ….. the sound stage had always given the instruments their own, clearly defined space. Now, it was almost like you could hear that space. Sounds silly, I know. Listen to me “hear that space”. As if! 

It was sort of like cleaning your glasses, or flicking your windscreen wiper on a foggy day. Suddenly, a clearer picture emerges even though you hadn’t realized it was hazy before. Some thing good has really happened! I can’t say what, but remember, I’m one who can’t even see “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Drawbacks? Well, it’s red. Not a problem for me but it may be for you. Also, the cable doesn’t bend easily. The coil in the picture is the sort of size the installed, coiled cable is going to be in your system. My, but how, well it works! Maybe I’m not the only one who can’t afford a £200 – £300 mains cables. Don’t worry, you couldn’t get anything better than Mains Cables R Us No.91 in this price range. It’s a bargain.

MR M. HOYLE . AUG 2016

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