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Isotek GII Orion Mains Conditioner EU Version

£395.00 £199.95

  • 2 available with schuko sockets
  • mint condition with boxes
  • 2 socket version
  • no other offers apply

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MCRU have 2 of these units taken in part exchange, they are both in mint condition and have the original boxes. 2 sockets. These units can be used in the UK if you attach a mains lead to them with a fused UK plug. 

The IsoTek GII Orion mains conditioner has two sockets, one medium output and one high output. It has been developed to work with a source component and a high current device, integrated amplifier or power amplifier. It is possible to use a number of IsoTek Orion’s throughout an audio system, for example two Orion’s to power a CD, DAC, pre / power system combination. In this application the performance would be superior to a GII Mini Sub

The IsoTek Orion mains conditioner uses a complex multiple shunt, multiple series and multiple delta filtering coupled with sophisticated gating principles and proprietary ‘Polaris-X’ technology. These features effectively stop components seeing or talking to each other and isolate source from high current component

In the past IsoTek has utilised over engineered isolation transformers to reduce a shifting neutral, which often causes mechanical noise within components. Through ground-breaking research and development, we have been able to resolve the problems of neutral shift without the traditional limitations of a components physical size. This technology also paved the way for the research and subsequent release of the Titan.

The GII Orion features two high quality un-switched sockets, one rated at 700 watts (medium) ideal for source components, CDs, DVD, SACDs, turntables etc, and the second rated at 2300 watts for high current devices, for example projectors, large integrated and power amplifiers. It is however also possible to use the high current socket on source components.

Although the IsoTek Orion can be positioned in a number of environments we recommend that the unit be wall mounted using our dedicated bracket system. If this is not viable, then position the unit so that the LED indicator light is visible and the unit is not covered by cabling, soft furnishings or positioned near heat sources, such as radiators or air ducts. Do not let liquids spill onto the unit. If this should happen, immediately switch of the unit at the wall socket, wait for at least one minute, unplug all other cables and return the unit to your nearest authorised IsoTek dealer.

Position the Orion so that the ‘IsoTek’ logo is facing you and readable. To the left of the unit on the edge is an earth post and IEC inlet, which takes the power from your wall socket. You should also notice an LED indicator light mounted toward the top centrally on this face. When the unit is connected to a mains power supply this light will illuminate giving indication that the Orion is fully powered and functional. The top of the unit features two high quality unswitched outlets, these accept all brands of mains cable.

  • GII design featuring ‘Polaris-X’ technology
  • Full component from component isolation
  • Plug in & play installation
  • Power surge protection
  • External fusing
  • Dedicated earthpost
  • 2 high quality un-switched outlets

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