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ISOKinetik Silver Melody Tonearm

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The Jelco SA750 tonearm has been re-born! Now re-wired by Jelco with pure silver cable including the headshell and a new low slung counterweight. Excellent performance guaranteed. 9″ version. The arm has been reveiwed in Hi-Fi Choice and awarded the top accolade of 5 stars and a recommeneded badge. Here is the hifi choice silver melody tonearm review 




ISOkinetik jelco silver Melody 750 high end tonearm
The ISOkinetik silver Melody 750 tonearm is a reference grade tonearm built on the Jelco SA-750 platform.
ISOkinetik is known for designing structural and wiring upgrades for Rega and SME tonearms and have used Jelco tonearms on their turntables to great effect for many years.
The ISOkinetik team felt it was time for a new reference grade tonearm which could extract even more music from the humble LP. 
A Visited Japan to was needed!
Working with the design team in Tokyo, we started with the already formidable SA-750 series tonearm with a view to bringing improvements needed to extract even more music.
Firstly we upgraded the internal wiring to a high quality twist of pure silver within a Teflon dielectric, we applied the same silver conductors to the removable headshell leads.
ISOkinetik have long produced asymmetrical counterweights for Rega arms which drop the centre of gravity closer to the stylus and thus improve tracking within the LP groove, it made sense to apply this same known insight to the Jelco arm and so the Melody series arm has an underslung static balance weight.
The icing on the cake is the optional silver wired rosewood headshell, the hybrid magnesium and rosewood headshell marries the lightweight rigid strength of magnesium with the warm tonality of rosewood with silver wiring to further “tune” the sound presentation, adding a rich analogue warmth with delicate fine detail.

“It soon becomes very evident that this is no ordinary cable. This cable delivers superb dynamics coupled with stunning detail and first rate imaging. One thing that really hits me is the emotion that is conveyed with the cable.

The Silver Melody Two is certainly a high specification cable that punches way above its price point. It is worthy of being fitted to the very best tonearms and will be a delight to music lovers everywhere.” HIFI CHOICE ISSUE 379




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