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Furutech FT-806 (G) Binding Posts


Gold-Plated Binding Posts for Loudspeakers, providing a premium performance. Priced per pair.

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Furutech is justifiably proud of its reputation for engineering, build-quality and performance, and has won the loyal support of audio enthusiasts worldwide for their finely made and beautiful sounding cables and audio accessories.

Furutech performance is legendary in the hi-fi industry, and they continue to bring exceptional products to the market that are carefully engineered to guarantee the best sound.

Audiophile’s know that everything in the signal path makes a difference – and that includes speaker and amplifier binding posts. Furutech’s beautifully finished, gorgeous sounding binding posts are the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials.

The FT-806 (G) features α (Alpha) phosphor bronze conductors (24k gold-plated) for minimal impedance and substantially-built extremely non-resonant carbon-fibre, non-magnetic stainless steel and eutectic copper alloy housings. It is a scientific fact that gold-plating improves conductivity; and adding Furutech’s FT-806 gold-plated binding posts to your equipment will bring sonic benefits to your system because of this.


  • α (Alpha) phosphor bronze conductor, 24k gold-plated.
  • Housing: carbon-fibre, non-magnetic stainless, eutectic copper alloy.
  • Nylon (red, white) and polycarbonate (clear) insulation.
  • Connections: Soldered or set-screw.
  • Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm.



Model FT-806 (long, for loudspeakers):-


  • Housing: 18.8ψ x 22.5mm (H) x 37.4mm overall height.
  • Insulation: Polycarbonate (clear) 19.3ψ x 7.2mm(H),
    Total overall length: 71.8 mm approx.

    Model FT-816 (short, for amplifiers):-


  • Housing: 18.8ψ x 22.7mm (H) overall height.
  • Insulation: Polycarbonate (clear) 19.1ψ± 0.2mm x 7.2mm (H),
    Total overall length: 52.1 mm approx.


You can browse Furutech’s web site here. Please contact us if you see anything you want that’s not listed on our web site.

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