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Funk Firm F5 / II Tonearm


  • It’s a Funk
  • Funk Technology for only £750
  • Cartridge not included

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  • Funk has long maintained that the humble “tonearm” is a serious weak link in achieving purity of analogue replay, Funk aim to correct that.
  • Indeed this is immediately supported when one looks at Funk’s first foray into pickup arms, the FXR. Its performance has been universally received as a revelation in what can be achieved to push the envelope forward in arm technology and has been selected for use by four leading reviewers as their personal choice of arm. The unique F•X construction at the heart of the FXR requires significant detail in its manufacture to ensure its superb performance.
  • Based on the same desire for listening purity Funk have engineered and developed the F5 arm. Achieving high levels of listening pleasure which Funk are renowned for, we are proud to unveil its latest creation … the F5 … which is aimed at those who wish to own a superb product at a lower cost. Funk are proud of the results, we are sure you will be too.
  • In addition, the F5 has been designed to perfectly complement Funk’s new Little Super Deck. The Little Super Deck’s glass platter and felt mat means that although the design format follows that of other deck manufacturers such as Rega and Systemdeck, a quick listen proves that Funk have again been able to deliver market leading performance that easily punches above its weight. And the reviews agree.
  • The F5 plays a major part in achieving this excellence. The F5 not only complements but actually enhances Little Super Deck’s performance when compared to the industry’s normal offerings, the RB 250 /300 / 301 / 600 / 700 and so on. As a result, we took the bold step of designing the F5 to be an upgrade option for owners of Rega Planar 2, Planar 3, P3, P5, P6 etc. who also want to achieve significant improvement without having to purchase a whole new deck. The upgrade option can be enhanced further by using one of Funk’s Achromats or even better our Achroplat.

The new F5 9″ tonearm is Funk’s first tonearm designed from the ground up and manufactured in house. It is precision made with very high quality bearings and designed for all out performance. Features:


  • Overhang and azimuth adjustment are easily done with one screw.

  • Ant-skating Bias accuracy reduces tracking error and stylus wear. The sliding pin allows for very fine adjustment and is one of the most precise and easy to adjust designs in audio history (the first in 50 years?).

  • Tracking force is applied via a calibrated sliding weight on the arm beam. This benefits not only by being easy to apply, varying the position of the weight actually helps the performance of cartridges, according to their tracking weight! Heavier tracking weights, prefer arms with higher effective mass and conversely, low tracking weights require lower mass from an arm, which is precisely what you get from F5.

  • High performance very low friction bearings (Swiss made ABEC 7 bearings same as used in SME V)

  • Standard Rega Mount, so it can be used with a wide range of tables with the 22mm diameter hole and three screw attachment.

  • Adjustable VTA.

  • Captured 1m cable with RCA connectors and ground wire.


Effective Length

9″ arm is 239mm (pivot to stylus)

Effective Mass Variable from 14.2g to 19.1g

Mounting Length

222mm (spindle to pivot, same as Rega)

Overhang 17mm

Mounting hole diameter

20mm minimum (standard Rega mount)

Connector Captured 1m cable with RCA connectors and ground wire.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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