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EX-Dem Black Rhodium Thunder Loudspeaker Cables

£3,000.00 £1,800.00

Black Rhodiums New Range Topping Speaker Cables. One pair ex-dem with 40% OFF. These are 1 metre long perfect for use with monoblocks placed next to your speakers. Factory terminated with locking rhodium plated banana plugs.

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This cable was given to us on Thursday 16th April to listen to. We have not turned our reference system off since, quite literally as our amplifiers use 300B valves they sound better the longer they are left on. The cables sound extraordinarily good, so much in fact MCRU ordered a pair immediately for our dem rooms.

Not cheap but the best never is, the Thunder brings out detail like nothing else we have heard, the Ninja was regardared as amongst the best loudspeaker cables on the market, sadly they were dis-continued due to rising production costs. The Thunder easily beats them and addresses many of the shortfalls in a lot of cables.

Each run of Thunder comprises 4 separate cables, 2 for the right channel and 2 for the left channel, they are seriously thick but not stiff or heavy and are terminated with Balck Rhodiums superb rhodium plated locking banana plugs with special rubber dampening rings fitted.

We urge anyone with a top flight hi-fi system to audition these cables if you truly want to get the best possible performance from your system.

Available for home demonstration and in our Huddersfield showroom.

The New Ultimate High End Speaker Cable

  • Cable manufactured in England
  • High end design iseally suited for use with monoblocks
  • Low impedance high cross section conductor wire for superior low frequency response and stereo imaging
  • Minimal capacitence due to unique design
  • Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music
  • Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound
  • Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise.
  • Deep cryogenic Treatment of the cable increases the depth, clarity and timing of the music, with additional temperature processes to further enhance these benefits
  • Exclusive “Crystal Sound” Process which refocuses the outer skin on the conductor (the area where the majority of the signal flow travels).  This brings improvements to bass control and clarity.
  • Attractive black outer braid and fitted with glossy heatshrinks so the cable looks as good as it sounds!
  • Terminated with our high end rhodium plated locking banana plugs for premium sound quality, further treated with DCT++ and Crystal Sound
  • Fitted with two Graham Nalty Legacy Range VS-3 Vibration stabilisers per channel (8 in total) to further reduce distortion by controlling mechanical vibrations traveling through the cable.

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