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Black Rhodium Opus Stereo Interconnects

£42.00-£77.00 £37.80-£69.30

# Silicone Insulation

# Twisted Conductors

# 0.5 Mtr Pair +




Add power and detail to your music, with clear sound to match!

  • Cable manufactured in England
  • 2 core cable, twisted for superior noise rejection
  • Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music
  • Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior imaging and low background noise.
  • More information about the cables is here
  • 0.5 metre pair as standard, add extra length using the drop down menu


Here is a reveiw of the interconnects……………

“Thank you for supplying us with an Opus cable to appraise, I am very glad that you did! I have had a chance to have a listen to the cable now in a reasonably high end system including a Meridian Sooloos MS600 source, Leema Pyxis Pre-amp, Classe CA-5300 Power amp and a pair of B&W 802 Diamonds – the Opus was between the MS600 and the pre-amp.

“My initial reaction was one of pleasant surprise, in changing the c.£25 interconnect that I first put in for reasons of this test the sound stage expanded both in depth and in width, with insight into the music being immediately improved – space around instruments enlarged, but most noticeable around the midranges in particular voices and guitars and piano, allowing a tangible increase in texture and therefore the emotion of the music. All in all and extremely well balanced, very mature sounding cable that belies its entry level price point – Opus certainly will promote extended listening!”

Sam Lowe, Phase 3 Southamptonwww.phase3southampton.co.uk

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