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Power Supplies

Special Offer choose our recommended IsoTek Initium mains power lead with any power supply and get £25 off (the Initium retails at £75 you will be charged £50)
Designed by Nick Gorham of Longdog Audio, the very first power supply we sold was for the Squeezebox Touch, after one was sent to HiFi Choice magazine the reviewer Patrick Cleasby (ex BBC employee) said it was one of the biggest no brainers in hifi and awarded the power supply 5 stars and a recommended badge. 100’s sold since and one thing is constant, the MCRU linear power supply improves the sound quality of anything connected to it. Proven by 100’s of satisfied customers and positive feedbacks.
If you have not yet experienced what our power supplies do then please get in touch, if your equipment is powered by the dreaded “wall wart” switch mode power supply then up-grading to a linear PSU will often be a jaw dropping moment.

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