We have a selection of cable off cuts, ex-dem and

customer trade ins to clear below, all are in excellent

condition most are new.  Please e-mail or telephone

us to secure the items you require.

ITEMS UP-DATED 10.12.14 

We will accept payment over the phone with a card or paypal or bacs.

IsoTek Supreme 1.5 mtr C15 iec,  furutech angled gold plated plug £150 SOLD

IsoTek Premier 1.5 mtr C19 high current iec, isotek plug £75

IsoTek Optimum 3 mtr C19 high current iec, furutech copper plug £150

IsoTek Extreme 1.5 mtr C19 iec, isotek plug £100 SOLD

IsoTek Elite 1.5 mtr C15 iec isotek plug £100 SOLD

TQ Ultra Blue Speaker Cables 2.5 mtr pair silver plated z-plugs ex dem (£155) £80 delivered

0.5 mtr black rhodium cratos mains cable off cut £7.50 delivered (2 available)

Black Rhodium Star USB cable 1.5 metres (£215) £100 delivered

Supra ply 3.4/s mono run of speaker cable 1.2 mtr £5 delivered

black rhodium libra mains cable off cut 0.6 mtr £5 delivered

black rhodium tango speaker cable 3 x 1 mtr lengths no plugs on £15 delivered for all 3

as above 1 x 2 metre length £15 delivered

black rhodium rumba speaker cable 1 x 5 metre length £10 delivered

oyaide stb-ms record weight/clamp, works perfectly well but scratched on the top and bottom faces hence £100 delivered

Furutech TS20 UP-OCC mains cable 1 metre off cut (£57) £30 delivered SOLD

black rhodium tango bi-wire speaker cable 10 metre length £55 delivered SOLD

Furutech alpha 3 mains cable 1 x 1.3 mtr length (£120 per mtr) £90 delivered SOLD

as above 2 x 0.9 metre lengths £80 each delivered BOTH SOLD

van damme blue tour grade speaker cable 4mm version (£7.50 per metre) 10 metre length £40 delivered (£5 of that is courier charge)

Furutech FP-314AG mains cable (£30 per mtr) 1.3 mtr off cut £15 delivered SOLD

as above 1 metre off cut £12 delivered SOLD

meicord opal ethernet cable 5 metres (£90) £45 delivered SOLD

black rhodium twirl speaker cable 3 metre length £15 delivered 

Oyaide EE-FS/2 yes that one, 0.8 mtr off cut (last ever piece as its now dis-continued) £100 per metre now £60 delivered

Furutech alpha speaker cable 1.3 metre stereo pair no terminations £50 delivered

MCRU NO. 5 mains power lead 1 mtr (£165) £100 delivered

Benz Micro Gold MC Cartridge new in the box (£275) £175 delivered

William Shatner – The Transformed Man Vinyl New £12 delivered (5 copies available)

Van Damme silver series co-ax cable few 1 mtr offcuts £5 each delivered

Rotel RA11 amplifier in silver, 2 months old as new boxed (£499) £350 delivered UK ONLY

Tellurium Q Black interconnect cables 1 mtr pair customer trade in (£285) £185  SOLD