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Deflex Audio Polipods Isolation Feet | Pack of 8 Feet | Wam Price £15.00 delivered in the UK

Polipods are high performance shock / vibration absorbing supports designed to be placed under Compact Disc Players, Turntables, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers and all other Audio & Video equipment. Polipods can absorb as much as 90% of shock energy in certain applications. Polipods can absorb over 50% of vibration energy over a wide temperature range and operating frequencies 10 to 30,000 Hertz.

Isolating hi-fi and AV components using Polipods can greatly enhance the performance of a system.Give them a try. If you’re not happy with the results then just return them for a full money refund. 

Material – Advanced Visco-Elastic Polymer 

Properties – Very High Damping Coefficient, Polipods combine shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics. While many isolators exhibit one of these characteristics, Polipods combine all of them. 

Colour – Black 
Overall Diameter – 40mm 
Overall Height – 14mm 
Max Load per pad – 1.25Kg 
Density – 1.36 
Hardness – < 15ºA 
Rebound Resilience – < 15%