We have talked time and time again about how the speaker cables that you use as part of your HiFi system can change the way you experience music. UK company Tellurium Q have been turning heads (and ears) for many years now, developing an extensive catalogue of high-end cables to ensure the clearest signal.

It’s no secret that a great deal of research and development is involved in the creation of each family of cables, but what sets Tellurium Q is not just their attention to miniscule scientific details to manufacture the highest quality cables, but also their commitment to what each listener wants from their cables and music system as a whole.

To help create the ideal listening experience for each person’s specific preferences, Tellurium Q have developed distinct families of cables in order to create the most desirable clarity of sound for each listener.

Tellurium Q Blue Speaker Cables

Tellurium Q Blue

Tellurium Q Blue are sometimes described as an entry level speaker cable with great mid ranges, with softer edges than Black and Silver cables. For listeners who are drawn to a warmer, smoother and more mellifluous sound from their music system, Blue speaker cables are the perfect companion. Whilst a clear and coherent sound is achieved, allowing music to come to life, the warmth of Blue cables help to remove some of the harsh top end from music systems that are especially bright.

Tellurium Q Black Speaker Cables

Tellurium Q Black

Black was Tellurium Q’s first speaker cable, providing a transparent and highly life-like sound reproduction. For the listener that wants to hear music at its most natural state, with fine details and excellent clarity and resolution, Tellurium Q Black speaker cables are exactly what is required. Used with a well-balanced music system, these cables will unlock the absolute best of what the system can do.

Tellurium Q Silver Speaker Cables

Tellurium Q Silver

Tellurium Q Silver speaker cables are highly vivid, dynamic and detailed, with excellent top end, but without ever sounding forced, harsh or fatiguing. Silver cables act as a wide, open channel, keeping all elements clear and coherent, with a finely detailed bottom end extended top end. For any listener looking for a three-dimensional and highly musical sound, Silver cables provide the optimal listening experience.

Which speaker cables are the right fit for your music system and personal preferences?

Browse the MCRU website to read more about the specs for each Tellurium Q cable, or if you would like to experience the differences between each cable, come and visit our showroom at 9 Brook Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1EB.